Brakes, Suspension, & Steering

Competitively Priced Brake Steering, & Suspension Repair with 30 Years of Fast & Friendly Service

We provide brake repair and service for all disc and drum braking systems. A thorough inspection and early detection of problems in the braking system will prevent extra damage from occurring and ultimately save you money in repairs. Any unusual changes in your vehicle’s brake operation should be checked over as soon as possible; for example, the ABS light turning on, unusual sounds when braking, vibration, etc. We recommend having a thorough braking-system inspection done once a year and brake repair performed as needed.

We also offer a complete check-over, diagnosis, and repair of all steering and suspension components, such as shock absorbers, struts, springs, tie rods, steering racks, and steering boxes. Problems with steering and suspension can be indicated by symptoms such as the vehicle pulling to one side and uneven wear on tires. By ensuring that all components are in excellent working order, our technicians can resolve your vehicle’s drivability problems. We can also perform a wheel alignment to further improve steering and suspension performance.


About Major Service

Bruce McLaren & Glen Osborne have operated Major Service, an automotive repair shop serving Langley, Surrey, Maple Ridge, and surrounding areas since 1989.

It is with this noble commitment to honesty, trust, and integrity that Major Service strives to provide the best service possible in retaining its customers’ loyalty spanning the past 4 decades.

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