Fuel System Specialists

Fuel System Specialists – Fuel Pumps, Injection, & More – 30 Years of Fast & Friendly Service

We offer the latest equipment, techniques, and services to clean and maintain your entire fuel system. A build-up of contaminants in the fuel system can compromise your vehicle’s performance. Proper fuel-injection system maintenance is vital in getting good fuel mileage and a smooth-running engine. We recommend that your fuel system be flushed once a year and the fuel filter changed at that time, as well.

We service both fuel-injected and carbureted vehicles, from older vehicles to newer and more sophisticated computer-controlled fuel injection systems. We are proud to offer a wide range of services as one of the fewer shops nowadays to specialize in both styles of fuel systems. You can trust our expertise in fuel injection and cleaning to keep your vehicle’s fuel system in the best possible condition.


About Major Service

Bruce McLaren & Glen Osborne have operated Major Service, an automotive repair shop serving Langley, Surrey, Maple Ridge, and surrounding areas since 1989.

It is with this noble commitment to honesty, trust, and integrity that Major Service strives to provide the best service possible in retaining its customers’ loyalty spanning the past 4 decades.

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Unit 13, 19695 – 96th Avenue
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British Columbia, Canada

(North side of 96th Avenue between 192nd Street and 200th Street on the Surrey / Langley border – within a 15 minute driving distance from the greater parts of Langley, Surrey, & Maple Ridge.)